Making Microscope Slides

Making Microscope SlidesScience class is always fun. You just have to find its meaning and understanding for you to enjoy what lies ahead of Science. They say it is difficult that is because you need to sit down and get to know what Science is about. There are many activities in which you get to experience while learning Science class. One of the experience is knowing about the nature of the environment and how humans response and interact with all sorts of microorganism present in the surroundings.

The best activity that you will experience is when your teacher would have is an experimentation time. For sure you would want to get your hands with the microscope as this is one of the asset in a science room class. Perhaps your task would be to make a microscope slide. There are means and ways for you to make it. It is just a matter of how you will do it and the materials needed for the activity. Compound microscopes are used in so many ways and this is whether you are studying chemistry, or biology. It is fun to explore especially when you really want to know more about specific type of object.

In order for you to start, science review center says, there should be light as for you to do your work so that you can easily view your specimen. The only way for you to see what is inside your object or specimen is through the slide. If slides are not provided, you can always improvise by using few things in which can be found in your very home. Examples of which are the use of scotch tape, sugar and salts, sand and soil, fibers such as linen, wool and or acrylic yarn., news paper and or printed materials and a dollar bill. As you are preparing for the slides here are the step in making a microscopic slides.

For a wet mount- materials needed are slides,cover slips,toothpicks,water,clear nail polish,scissors,forceps,blade and microscope. First you have to put a small amount or a drop of water or a clear nail polish on the slide provided. If the material is liquid there is no need to add a drop of water and just place a drop of liquid into the slide. Use the toothpick to gather the non liquid material. Transfer all the materials gathered by touching the the forceps or the toothpick to the mountant and carefully lower its coverslip to the slide. Carefully examine the slide in a low and high power of the microscope. If a slide is made of a nail polish it is semi permanent. If you wish to make a temporary slide separate then wash,dry the cover slip and are ready for use. For a dry mount- materials needed are just the same as of the wet mount. Use your toothpick or a forcep to gather all materials and place them in the slide. Then lower the cover slip carefully and examine the slide in a low and high amount of power microscope.

Making slides are surely fun and enjoyable. You will discover so many things as you are experimenting. For sure after this activity you will be interested not just in making slides but also other things that is related to science and experiment.